The power plant company is involved in manufacturing of steam boilers and supplying power generation plants on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis. We provide end to end solution from designing to final execution and commissioning of the project and also provide training for running the plant. We make boilers that can be fuelled from coal, biomass, oil or gas. We have got a very strong team in this company and the power generation projects can be very successful where power is a problem like African countries and Asian countries.

Combustion system: Combustion, Grates, Pyrolysis Burner Combustion System

Power Plants: (Consultant & EPC) DPR, SPECS, BOQ, Vendor Selection, Utility Design / Engineering Construction Drawings

Steam Boiler/Steam Turbine/Steam Generator/Retro Fittings & Refurbishing:

Air Pollution Control Devices: FGD’s, ESP, Bag Filters



The company is engage into designing and manufacturing of machinery for agriculture produce. It has different verticals for different agricultural produce

Oil Extraction Plants:

  1. Rice bran oil and other oil cakes extraction plants,
  2. Rice Processing Machinery (plain and par boiled)
  3. Herbal and pharmaceutical plants

Post Harvest Machinery : 

  1. Cleaners, Graders, Seperators, De-Stoners, Blowers, Aspirators, Seed treaters, Mobile Plants
  2. Food Processing Machinery


The company is one of the leaders in providing telecom solutions in over 50 countries, covering over 100+ telecom carriers in Asia, Africa, Middle-East & Europe. Altruist Group is one of the largest and the most successful group with 12 companies and over 10,000+ strong team spread across various counties.



The company specializes in delivering innovative and technology-driven solutions to educational institutions worldwide. We provide customized services to the institutions along-with digital interface. We are engaged in providing consultancy services for establishing private institutions starting from the feasibility study to providing complete knowhow, designing educational syllabi, getting tie-ups/affiliations done with premium institutions, recruitment and managing manpower (Senior management, teaching/non teaching, technical and non-technical), for establishing private educational institutions in and outside India.

Our software solutions empower teachers and administrators to deliver high quality education. The platform is so flexible and economical that it is viable and suitable for one to one private tuitions to big institutions having strength of hundred thousand students. There is no upper limit for number of students that can be taught simultaneously in different classes. We understand the limitation of internet connectivity in rural areas, so we have designed the platform in such a way that it can run on 2G spectrum and it is probably the only online education platform that can do so successfully. In current pandemic situation our online education platform has helped education institutions to generate 30% more revenue.


The company is growing fast and is providing end-to-end solutions from research to product launch with multiple manufacturing facilities based in Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra, India. The company is highly diversified and is catering to a variety of broad segments like Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda, veterinary and a niche segment like Sports Nutrition.

Majority of our formulations are researched in-house and we manufacture medicines for private labels majorly. We have our own research team which make formulations on special demand basis also.

Having been a principal contract manufacturing company, it has expanded, operated and successfully marked its presence across the following industry verticals.

The manufacturing facilities have been built in accordance with the WHO GMP guidelines and these have separate quality control units and quality assurance functions to monitor the manufacturing quality of our products.



BigByte provides innovative IT services to help our clients reach their business goals. With deep knowledge and expertise in industry, we take a bigger picture of your business technology needs & goals and provide the services that will work for your business.

IT is a very important part of any business which makes it utterly necessary to pick the right guys and nobody does it better than BigByte. Experience the effortlessness and key benefits of an expert in the field partner.

  1. IT & Software
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Web Design
  5. Social Media Promotion
  6. Animation & Designing


The company is a leader in HVAC products. It is involved in different Engineering & HVAC applications like Air Filters, Synthetic Rubber Adhesive & Pre Insulated Duct etc. Since our inception, our growth has developed on the fundamental cornerstone of a deeply embedded quality culture, a motivated work force with high expectancy of achievement, and latest manufacturing technology.With incredible expertise in design and selection of air management system, the company is serving the customes according to the application with innovative technology, high quality and cost effective solutions.Over the years, we have introduced several unique products of accuracy and durability. Thoroughly new technologies have enabled us to bring design quality, productivity and cost improvements to our customers. The company is continuously meeting the demands of the changing and challenging market environment around the country.Today our products have become the clear choice of the most prestigious and demanding industries across the country like HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles & Hospitals etc.As we focus ahead, we resolve to deliver better products that meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s.




The company is dealing in all aspects of oil and gas production and conversion and have considerable experience in Oil Refining and EPC projects. We have specialists of system engineering who have many years of experience in all fields of Production and Conversion from all type of oil and gas to finished products. The company also has considerable experience in the custom design, manufacture and supply of plant to the Iron & Steel industry sector. The company has come up with a Modular refinery project which is very economical as compared to the full fledged refinery and also is willing to fund the project based on certain terms and conditions to be fulfilled by prospective partners in business. We are an EPC company representing some of the world’s leading oil and gas process plant manufacturers based in North America. Our technical partners manufacture equipment to process crude oil into AGO, PMS, DPK and a residual product of LPFO. A small amount of gas is given off which is recovered and used to power the process making the plant self-sufficient in power. These processes are not a full refining process as such but are referred to in the industry as Modular Refineries or Crude Topping Units. These process plants have some advantages over a full refining process in that they are much more economical and much faster to implement.


The company is a part of our partner company having focus on Tourism industry. We have done several projects for Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia governments for promoting their tourism industry in other countries besides doing other projects for private companies.

360 degree approach is applied for promotion, be it road shows, live events, digital, print or AV media.