Health Care

The company is growing fast and is providing end-to-end solutions from research to product launch with multiple manufacturing facilities based in Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra, India. The company is highly diversified and is catering to a variety of broad segments like Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda, veterinary and a niche segment like Sports Nutrition. Majority of our formulations are researched in-house and we manufacture medicines for private labels majorly. We have our own research team which make formulations on special demand basis also. Having been a principal contract manufacturing company, it has expanded, operated and successfully marked its presence across the following industry verticals. The manufacturing facilities have been built in accordance with the WHO GMP guidelines and these have separate quality control units and quality assurance functions to monitor the manufacturing quality of our products.

Backed by an experienced and trained team of professionals, we effectively offer a wide range of diversified products and state-of-the-art facilities that include flexible, cost-effective drug development and substantial manufacturing solutions with value added services. Our formulation range includes Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Granules, Ointments, Creams, Gels, Pastes, Oral solutions, Syrups and Suspensions. Innovation in healthcare is an inevitable essential. Rapidly deteriorating health of the population gives rise to the necessity of having access to better healthcare and an opportunity to enhance the lives of sufferers, through innovation. Healthcare innovation generally refers to the drug discovery and development process. This type of innovation requires time, investment and adept teams commanding exceptional expertise – and we are backed by all of these aspects and more! We produce a highly complementary portfolio of speciality and generic products that are improved by constant innovation thus aiming at a wide spectrum of treatments including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates.


This unit functions for manufacturing cost effective Pharmaceutical medicines, protein powders, energy powders and capsules in the generic segment; Our greatly competent team fulfill bulk order requirements within precise time frames efficiently. Economies of scale is the rule of the game for this unit. The allopathic products have focus areas that lie in the OTC and prescription drugs that have wide ranging applications across fields like Oncology, Gastroenterology, Ant diabetic, Antibiotics, Cardiovascular, Pain Management, Gynecology among others. The range keeps increasing with customer demand. We produce a versatile range of products such as tablets, capsules, oral liquids, oral powders, oils, creams, lotions and more.

Nutraceuticals and wellness:

This unit is responsible for the production and management of a complete range of vegetarian Nutraceutical products; expressly suitable for sports as well as general health supplements (protein based functional food supplements). We are well prepared for a world with a growing, ageing population and strive to continuously evolve to fulfill these ever increasing healthcare needs. With a facility that is very large and technically very sophisticated, our manufacturing capabilities boast of products in solid, liquid oral and powder doses form. Our efforts are supported by a well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory managed as per GLP standards.


We bring holistic approach of ayurvedic science into modern-day formulations. Our range covers the diverse needs of patients that helps to prevent, heal and protect against diseases. Like the purity of nature, our products contain ingredients that are extracted from organic fields. Global standards are strictly followed under norms laid by GMP, WHO and especially the Ministry of AYUSH. It is our aim to confer the highest customer experience when dealing with herbal and ayurvedic medicines. This unit make large variety of ayurvedic products in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids, gels, bhasma, ointments, powder, oils, drops, serum, drinks etc. Constant innovation is being done in terms of offering the medicines and suppliments in various forms. Our ayurvedic pharma products list consists: Ayurvedic medicines, Nutraceuticals Range, Herbal Tonics range, Ayurvedic Sexual Wellness Products, Herbal Laxative Powder, Natural Juices, Ayurvedic Oils, Herbal ointments and gels etc


This unit makes a large variety of veterinary medicines for cows, buffaloes, dogs, poultry, other pets and large animals. The range includes antibiotics, de-wormers, ectoparasites (for dip concentrate for flies, lice & mites etc.), antibacterial for diarrhea & dysentery, for heating purposes in uterus, anti-inflammatory analgesic, antipyretic, for wounds, hormonal injections, multivitamins, for urinary tract infections, animal feed supplement, calcium suspension, b-complex with liver extract, for uterus/uterine tonics, liver tonics, energy boosters, for maintenance of proper appetite, ruminal microflora & energy, for udder & teats, for inducing heat with predictable results, probiotic powders etc.