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The company is dealing in all aspects of oil and gas production and conversion and have considerable experience in Oil Refining and EPC projects. We have specialists of system engineering who have many years of experience in all fields of Production and Conversion from all type of oil and gas to finished products. The company also has considerable experience in the custom design, manufacture and supply of plant to the Iron & Steel industry sector.

The company has come up with a Modular refinery project which is very economical as compared to the full fledged refinery and also is willing to fund the project based on certain terms and conditions to be fulfilled by prospective partners in business.

5,000 BBLD Refining Process Plant

We are an EPC company representing some of the world’s leading oil and gas process plant manufacturers based in North America. Our technical partners manufacture equipment to process crude oil into AGO, PMS, DPK and a residual product of LPFO. A small amount of gas is given off which is recovered and used to power the process making the plant self-sufficient in power. These processes are not a full refining process as such but are referred to in the industry as Modular Refineries or Crude Topping Units. These process plants have some advantages over a full refining process in that they are much more economical and much faster to implement.

We are able to offer the whole package from concept to completion including sourcing of funding and operation/maintenance of the finished plant. We are prepared to offer a 5,000 BBLD capacity on the following basis.

  • We will prepare a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) including Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • We will provide all the site related activities such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Tank Farm, Instrumentation and control of the plant.
  • We will liaise with the manufacturer in all aspects of the design, manufacture, testing and import of the plant.
  • We will commission and operate the plant in the interim and train local personnel in its operation.